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Operational Research

LOGIQ (Logistic, Industrial Management, Quality)

Field : Optimization
Diala Dhouib
Optimization Decision Aid Logistics Operational Research


Our team aims to share, exchange knowledge and promote theoretical developments and applications in the Logistics field. It covers all the themes of the operational research and the decision-making supports that are developed to ensure sustainable progress. It has a large experience in modelling transportation problems and efficient system prototypes for the industry. Our researches concentrate on optimization of: vehicle routing problems, scheduling problems, renewable energy production, hybrid transportation systems, traffic engineering models, reducing harmful impacts on the environment, urban mobility and logistics, chain management supply and reverse logistics.

Our team is continually pushing the boundaries of knowledge, promoting research, and constantly encouraging communication between scientific researches and society. It largely contributes to the development of Sfax region through partnerships with local and national companies and regional authorities and has progressively reached an international character through scientific cooperative programs.


- Training Programs

- Workshops

- Research Seminars

- Annual Doctoral Workshop in Operational Research and Decision Aid

- Organization of Conferences

- Cooperation with Industrials

- Cooperation with others Research Structures

- International Scientific Projects


Post-Doc Souhail Dhouib, Professor Senior Researcher
Post-Doc Diala Dhouib,Associate professor Senior Researcher
Post-Doc Mounir Benaissa ,Associate professor Senior Researcher
Post-Doc Noura Beji, Assistant professor Senior Researcher
Phd Mayssa Koubaa Student
Phd Raja Mejaouel Student
Phd Ahmed Kallel, Master Student Student
Phd Marwa Ben Maalem,Master Student Student
Phd Chama Derbel, Master Student Student


LOGIQ (Logistic, Industrial Management, Quality)

Decision Aid and Traceability for Hospital Systems Efficiency

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LOGIQ (Logistic, Industrial Management, Quality)

Multi-Criteria for Resources Allocation in the Sector of Petroleum Products Transport

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