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Norhene Gargouri Ben Ayed

Medical Image Processing

Head of the team: Computers Imaging Electronics and System Group

Address:Technopole of Sfax, PO Box 275, Sakiet Ezzit, 3021 Sfax - Tunisia
Phone: (+216) 74 863 042 - 74 863 044 / Fax: (+216)74863041



Assisstant Professor at the Digital Reasrch Center of Sfax. She is a member of CEM-Lab (Control and Energy Management Laboratory) and works within the research team CIELS (Computers Imaging and Electronics Systems). She is a member of the Association ABORS (Association for Scientific Research). Her research interests include medical image processing applications.


  • Assistant at ISGI Sfax
    Sep 2010 -Jun 2014
  • Assistant Professor at the Digital Research Center of Sfax
    Oct 2014 - Now
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  • Medical Image Processing
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  • Article Mehdi Mouna Zouari, Ben Ayed Norhene Gargouri, Masmoudi Alima Damak, Sellami Dorra, Abid Riadh, An Efficient Microcalcifications Detection Based on Dual Spatial/Spectral Processing, Article, Kluwer Academic Publishers, volume 76, 2017. [bibtex] [doi]
  • Article Masmoudi Alima Damak, Ayed Norhen Gargouri Ben, Masmoudi Dorra Sellami, Abid Riad, Robust mass classification–based local binary pattern variance and shape descriptors, Article, volume 8, 2015. [bibtex] [doi]
  • Article Norhene G, Alima D, Dorra S, Riadh A, A Clinical Decision Support System to Identify and Stage Breast Cancer Tumor, Article, 2014. [bibtex]
  • Article Masmoudi Alima Damak, Ben Ayed Norhen Gargouri, Masmoudi Dorra Sellami, Abid Riad, LBPV descriptors-based automatic ACR/BIRADS classification approach, Article, volume 2013, 2013. [bibtex] [doi]
  • Article Gargouri Norhene, Dammak Masmoudi A, Sellami Masmoudi D, Abid R, A new GLLD operator for mass detection in digital mammograms, Article, Hindawi, volume 2012, 2012. [bibtex]
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  • Master degree from the National Engenieering School of Sfax
    Sep 2008 -Jul 2010
  • PHD Thesis from the National Engenieering School of Sfax
    Jul 2010 -Feb 2013
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